India’s Important & Glorious 67th Republic Day

India Republic day is widely celebrated on 26 January in the calendar of every year with great gratification and honour. It manifests the transition of India from a British Rules to a Republic Nation, a nation wherever all the phenomenal political powers, sovereignty and the authority confer within the individuals.Toolware Republic Day

The day conjointly signifies the acquisition of Indian Constitution came into force on 26 Jan 1950. However India gained its independence in 1947, it didn’t have a permanent constitution and was destitute of political powers & authorities. Later on the Drafting Committee was appointed to draft a permanent constitution for India under the presence of chairmanship Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Eventually, the political powers were out of possession of British Rule and India became a Republic Nation.

26 January of every year is widely known as most magnificently within the capital of India, New Delhi. The most feature of the Republic Day may be a grand and royal parade that showcases the military power & cultural wealth of the country in conjunction with the flag-waving fervour by the Indians. This spectacular parade commences from Raisina Hill close to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and ends at Red Fort passing from Rajpath & India Gate. The parade halts at India Gate wherever the most celebration happens.

The day starts with the march past followed by a spirited displays, dance and cultural amusement from varied states and regions of the state. Many school/colleges and public institutes additionally participate within the parade and show their distinctive performances. Last but not the least spectacular fly-past by Indian Air Force with great enthusiasm making India flag in air and armed force rounds off this majestic celebration.

Today, blithely we all are enjoying the liberty of living an independent life in republic nation. This happiness that we get pleasure from these days is attributable to those martyrs those sacrificed their lives for the reason for nation’s independence. A peep into the past can make our hearts with courage and eyes full of tears. Think about legendary leaders and the brave solders, whose had spilled their blood to unfold a red carpet for us, a carpet on that we all freely paving our own ways to our own dreams.

Just suppose what number mothers have lost their martyr son, what number sisters lost their martyr brother, several youngsters lost their martyr father and the way many ladies lost their martyr husbands. The terribly thought of their sacrifice rekindles nationalism, humanity, love, and brotherhood on this auspicious day of India changing into a Republic Day.

Every year on 26 January Indian citizen’s forget their regional identity and place their variations within the backseat. The day simply takes a brand new dawn with the brilliant attractiveness of unity, brotherhood, love and affection. On this day, there’s no Hindu, no Sikh and no Muslim there’s only single caste and one faith, which is ‘Indian’ by nationality. Together, each and every one of them salutes the Indian Flag and pay tribute to the martyrs from bottom of heart and respect.

On January 26, 2016 we complete 67 years of Republic of India. It is a ways we’ve come from blood sheds to a red carpet of freedom. From deep gratitude regards the team let’s all join of our hands and pray for all those wise souls who sacrificed their lives and blessed us with the Republic India, Jai Hind!


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