Buy Medical Safety Products Online at Best Price @ Toolwale

Equipment’s or a product that help in the recovery to a person from any kind of illness comes under medical safety products. Medical Safety Products maintain proper health with hygiene. There are numbers of products used by the health practitioners to provide proper support for the poor health condition of patients. Medical safety products protect the patients against various toxin post surgery or during treatment.


Buy Medical Safety Products at Best Price

Toolwale has undertaken the flamingo medical safety products which are followed as:

Flamingo offers Flamitape which is Zinc oxide bandages (ZOT). ZOT is pressure sensitive adhesive tape which is used as medical safety products and as to hold first aid bandage or for securing dressing materials on the skin. Its length is one meter with the width of 1.25cm and available at very minimal cost on the web.

Flamingo Stax Mallet is used in hyper flexion injuries like mallet finger. It helps in keeping the finger in 10 degree of agitated extension and made up of engineering plastic. Stax has pre cut design for perfect fitting and available in all sizes from small (4.3-5.6 cm) to XL (7.5-8.5 cm). It is common for the left hand finger as well as for the right hand finger.

Flamingo Cool Eyes straps, it is the best product to provide relief from eyes issues. Eyes are sensitive part of our body and it needs proper care to protect it from harm or pain, reddishness due to watching television screen or computer screen for long and many more problems. It is the ideal product of safety used for eyes causing problems as insomnia, conjunctivitis, eyes injuries etc. It is easy to use with Velcro strap and available in universal size.

Flamingo Tubular Wrist support provides relieves from injury pain and also helps the weak wrist through gentle compression or firm support. It also helps in providing comfortable fit stabilization during the activity and provides heat retention. It is available in from small size (12.5-15 cms) to XXL size (22.5-25 cms) and it is common for left as well as for the right wrist.

Flamingo Palm Brace code, it provides adequate compression and reduces pain with providing stabilization during activities. Quality has pull-on sleeve with universal designed for left and right hand as well. Available in various price ranges on our web site.

Flamingo Wrist Brace Code has comfortable pressurized support for a strained or weak wrist. It is available in elastic hook and loop strap for fitting and for stabilization during the activity. Has available in universal size and with common left and right hand shape.


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