Raksha Bandhan Exclusive for Siblings

We as human being is very humble creature on the earth. We have different feelings, sentiments and emotions according to the situation or we can say circumstance. But we human being for our family and loved ones have always loving, sharing, caring and many other emotions.


As we all know this week is raksha bandhan week, according to raksha bandhan every sister whether she is elder or younger to her brother, takes promise from their brother’s to always protect and stands beside them. For example, Pandavas has lost their entire kingship and draupadi the wife of five pandavas in the game of wager to kauravas. Then draupadi’s cheerharan was happening in front of bhari shabha in the Mahabharata. Once Draupadi had tied raksha bandhan to lord Shri Krishna and asked him to protect her whenever she need’s his brother. When her cheerharan was happening she starts calling Krishna… Krishna… then the lord Shri Krishna fulfilled his promise of brotherhood.raksha-bandhan-exclusive-for-siblings

Since then the beloved sister’s always pray for their brother’s long and healthy living. And on this Raksha bandhan, ToolWale is offering exclusive discounts for consumers as well for siblings working in industrial tools industry. As ToolWale respect the culture and the traditional value of sister’s love and affection towards their brother and their safety. With the safety of traditional and modern enhanced industrial tools product we wish very happy and prosperous Raksha bandhan.


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